The broadcast of the ABC original series War on Waste was a catalyst for change for a lot of Australians - more than 4.3 million viewers watched the original series in 2017 and were inspired many people to get involved in waste management (for those who missed it, here is a summary).

One particular area of focus was our humble friend, the takeaway coffee cup.  Although mostly made of paper, most takeaway coffee cups contain plastic elements that improve their performance, but make them almost impossible to recycle.  The solution?  BYO reusable cups - major reusable coffee cup supplier, KeepCup, reported a 400% increase in sales after the series aired.

To make sure we were still keeping it local, our team went on the hunt and sourced a beautiful, handcraft reusable coffee cup option to make available to our customers - and they just keep on getting better!  Our one-of-a-kind cups are carefully crafted by the talented folk at, and are available in both 8oz and 12oz sizes.

These gorgeous cups are only available in store - stock tends to sell out quickly so please ring ahead if you are making a special trip!

Once you have your stylish reusable coffee cup, you can search for cafes who have pledged to support the movement by going to and finding your closest cafe that accepts reusable cups (and you may get a discount in the process!) - or just come back to us for a discounted refill!

And don't forget to watch season 2 of the ABC's War on Waste - broadcasting now and focusing on e-waste and the recycling crisis.



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