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An easy way to make a great cup of filter coffee. All you need is a mug, ground coffee and boiling water and you’re good to go! You don’t even need electricity (great for camping or office use - as long as you have boiling water, you have perfect coffee)!

With a 23 Karat, gold-plated filter and BPA-Free filter body, the Ezicaf “Coffee-for-One” Gold Filter is the cost effective, eco-friendly alternative.  It is permanent (no need to buy replacement paper filters all the time), reusable, energy efficient and recyclable.

Also known as a 'pour over', the Ezicaf 'Coffee for One' Filter makes a perfect cup for one every time!

1. Place the gold filter base on your cup

2. Add approx 1tbsp of ground coffee

3. Insert the regulator (component with holes to slow water flow)

4. Add hot water

5. Enjoy!

The cap can be used to catch any drips after brewing. Tip used grinds into the compost, and wash the filter. The entire unit is dishwasher safe.


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